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Tom's Pancake House

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Monday - Sunday (Everyday)
6:00 am - 8:00 pm







About Tom's Pancake House

When you are looking for a good casual restaurant in Beaverton, Tom’s Pancake House comes to mind.  With a prominent location just East of Cedar Hills Blvd on Canyon Road, Tom’s has convenient parking all around the inviting building that has white siding.  Bright and sunny inside, the menu naturally has great breakfast items but also features steaks, Mexican food and what most folks would consider comfort food.  Open seven days a week from six AM to 8 PM, Tom’s is a great place to find good solid food at affordable prices.  It’s not fancy, but it is well kept up, clean, and you will feel comfortable in casual or formal clothing.  Tom’s is so well known other businesses use it as a reference when directing people to their business with statements like “just two doors down from Tom’s”.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you really can’t go wrong by choosing Tom’s Pancake House.  A word to the wise is to plan on taking some of your meal home if you order a Breakfast Burrito or a House Club Sandwich.  The portions are generous and tasty.

There are great sandwiches to choose from. Naturally there are burgers, but also specialty sandwiches that have become very popular over the years. The Monte Cristo is made the way you remember from your youth. The French Dip uses authentic au jus.  The Chicken Fried Steak will cure any appetite and the Chinese Chicken Salad has become a huge favorite. (It is huge and also is really popular)

If you are on a diet, there are items on the menu specifically for you, but just good food is the reason so many people choose Tom’s Pancake House. This is the kind of restaurant that has stood the test of time.
One of the oldest restaurants in the Beaverton area, Tom’s doesn’t really change. Oh, they will add & subtract items from the menu from time to time but in the main, you can be assured of what you will find every time you visit.  There are trendy restaurants that come and go, but Tom’s is like an old faithful friend. Small clubs have been meeting at Tom’s for years. It’s affordable and good.  What more can you ask?

Next time you want to meet a friend for breakfast, lunch or dinner, choose Tom’s Pancake House. Yes, it’s busy but I can’t remember a time when you couldn’t get seated very quickly.  This is a restaurant in the heart of Beaverton that has parking at the front door. Easy access onto Canyon Road or through the alley to Cedar Hills Blvd.

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